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Underground Storage Tank Services Available in Compliance with DOEE Regulations

HP Environmental Finding Success in Addressing Underground Storage Tank and Compliance Issues

In 2020, the District of Columbia’s Department of Energy and Environment (DOEE) issued new regulations related to petroleum underground storage tanks (USTs).  As outlined in §5700.10, the regulations require that all USTs, including those that store heating oil, greater than 30 years old be removed from the ground by February 21, 2025. 

In recent years, HP Environmental has found success by teaming up with an energy services partner to coordinate approval from Washington Gas to switch clients to a non-interruptible natural gas service.  With the DOEE deadline now less than two years away, HPE’s experience has become crucial to managing UST projects.

“Our staff has had extensive experience with the DOEE, and its predecessor agencies, for more than 35 years,” says Kent Campbell, Director of Site Assessment, Monitoring & Compliance at HP Environmental.  “I am confident that we can design the best available approach to brining your facility into compliance with the current UST regulations.”

In some cases, USTs can be closed without removing them from the ground. “We have also been successful at obtaining waivers from the DOEE to close USTs in place as opposed to removing them from the ground,” Campbell points out, “thereby saving our clients time, money, and significant site disruption.” 

Please reach out to Kent Campbell, CPG, for more information on UST services and regulatory compliance.  Kent Campbell can be reached at or by calling our offices during business hours at 703-471-4200. 

A full overview of HPE’s Site Assessment services can be viewed here.  If you have further questions or require guidance on any of our Site Assessment services, please feel free to reach out to our HPE Site Assessment experts for assistance.

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