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Don’t complicate your project – use HPE to meet your environmental and laboratory needs.

HP Environmental is a professional environmental consulting firm specializing in the comprehensive practices of industrial hygiene, environmental science, microbiology, site assessment and building science. We manage environmental hazards through a seamless integration of science, engineering and environmental expertise.

Our History

HP Environmental, Inc. was founded in 1991 by R. Hugh Granger, Ph.D. and Piotr Chmielinski, M.S., CIH to provide technical expertise in the increasingly diverse sciences needed to understand and control human exposure to environmental and industrial hazards.  Since its founding, HPE has grown in size and stature and is now widely recognized for its leadership in our area of practice.

In 1993, HP Environmental purchased and occupied a 7,500 square foot office, conference and laboratory facility near Washington, D.C.’s Dulles International Airport.  The laboratory is located in the heart of Fairfax County’s technology corridor and is convenient to most major metropolitan areas of Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia and Washington, D.C.

In addition to HPE’s consulting services, our faciltity is equipped with in-house environmental chemistry and microbiology laboratories that serve and support a broad range of professionals including, but not limited to, geologists, environmental engineers, industrial hygienists, safety professionals, home inspectors and related disciplines.  Our laboratory clients traditionally practice in the areas of industrial hygiene, toxicology, microbiology, geology, health and safety, and environmental science.

To achieve the results our clients require, HPE has invested in its people and infrastructure.  In addition, we benefit from our close associations with clients and colleagues, learning from each other and incorporating this knowledge into every project and laboratory sample.

At HPE, we measure our success by client satisfaction earned from the combination of technical competence and the ability to perform.  Not only are we prepared to provide unparalleled leadership when it is required, but we remain ready to roll up our sleeves when there is work to do.

Letter from the President
Hear from Piotr Chmielinski

Professional Environmental Consulting

Environmental consulting is the backbone of our work and combined with our expert scientific staff it is second to none. If your project requires environmental consulting, HPE provides technical expertise in industrial hygiene, toxicology, environmental science, site assessment and building science. Our field staff consists of tenacious scientists and investigators who are ready to respond quickly when the need arises.

In-house Microbiology & Chemistry Analytical Laboratories

HPE uses its in-house chemistry, microbiology and industrial hygiene laboratories to perform top-notch environmental investigations. These laboratories not only support our in-house projects but assist independent professionals in their practice of environmental science and industrial hygiene. We provide diverse testing capabilities including air, water, soil, wastes, surface and bulk sample matrixes to help meet your project needs.

Expert Scientific Staff

We have sought out the best in environmental consulting and laboratory sciences, a potent combination of technical expertise, practical skill and academic accomplishment. Our staff includes doctoral level scientists in engineering and toxicology, Board Certified industrial hygienists and experts in chemistry, microbiology, geology, biology and environmental science. Our teams are trained in several disciplines providing redundancy for complex projects.

On-site Investigations & Assessments

HPE provides a broad range of environmental investigations and assessments for commercial, government and private properties. Each assessment or investigation is executed based on defined objectives with recommendations focused on solutions. We conduct investigations related to indoor air quality, mold, water incursion events, and environmental hazards, as well as building and property assessments or audits.

Insightful & Accurate Testing

In order to support our expert field investigations and projects, we must rely on the most accurate and insightful data. Our in-house laboratories utilize the latest technologies and methods to deliver these results as efficiently as possible. Whether testing for legionella, lead, asbestos, air quality, water quality or other environmental hazards, our scientists are ready to provide detailed insight and solutions to even the most complex environmental problems.

Innovative & State-of-the-Art Technology

No scientist should underestimate the importance of their tools. We augment our expert staff and facilities with state-of-the-art technologies and innovative methods utilized to measure the most complex or elusive environmental conditions. We are constantly deploying new technologies and the latest tests to make our investigations as economic and efficient as possible.

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