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Indoor Air Quality Services

HP Environmental conducts building investigations related to indoor air quality (IAQ), sick-building syndrome, and building-related illness in partnership with our state-out-the-art environmental laboratory.

Depending on the circumstances, investigations may focus on parameters of building performance, design, operation or measures of air quality, and may be requested for a variety of reasons, including:

Pre-purchase Due Diligence
Complaints from Building Occupants
Incidents of Building-Related Illness
Observed Building Conditions
Routine Performance Audit
Emergency Response Due to Accidental Release or Unknown Source

Investigators utilize the most appropriate and accurate instruments to measure building performance and air quality. Resulting data are evaluated based on building design, published ventilation standards, health-based guidelines and common sense.

HP Environmental investigates a wide range of hazards including physical, radiation, chemical, and biological. During investigations, hazard sources are identified and pathways for exposure are elucidated. Source identification is a particular area of HPE expertise and field investigations are supported by state-of-the-art laboratory capabilities. Our investigators are uncanny in their ability to determine mechanism and pathways for exposures that lead to accurate risk assessments and effective risk communication.

The product of these IAQ investigations and building performance audits are written reports that follow established objectives and provide clear recommendations that solve discovered problems. Investigation findings and conclusions are effectively communicated and defended in private or open forums.

Project Contact

Brent Sharrer

Director of Industrial Hygiene
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