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Chemistry Laboratory Overview

Quality Assurance

HP Environmental, Inc. considers the accuracy, reliability and reproducibility of analysis results to be a fundamental responsibility of laboratory management and is paramount to our continued effort to produce a superior product for our client.  

Our commitment and dedication to quality is fully supported and communicated from management to the bench level to meet the objectives of the laboratory and to effectively serve client requirements.  In order to achieve this goal, the laboratory has developed and executed a robust quality assurance program to control the precision and accuracy of data generated and limit sources of bias.  

The objective of the quality assurance program is to produce reliable data of measurable quality that is defensible, representative of the sample and meets all required State, Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), National Institute of Occupational Health (NIOSH), and data user requirements.   Complete adherence to laboratory standard operating procedures (SOPs), execution of good laboratory practices (GLPs), internal audit reviews and participation in external performance testing programs ensure the laboratory produces data of known and documented quality using EPA, and NIOSH protocols and client specific requirements is mandated by management.

The laboratory's QA program is periodically evaluated by certified agencies, clients, and internal management.  The laboratory participates in semi-annual water and soil performance studies for certification programs.  Employees are required to participate in training and testing programs before working on actual samples.  Training (including attendance of workshops, seminars, and analytical instrument operation courses) is documented on an emoployee training form and maintained in the personnel file.

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The chemistry laboratory is a commercial analytical testing laboratory designed to provide clients with a range of environmental laboratory services including analysis of volatile organic, semivolatile organic, and metals analysis in water, soil, bulk material, and air.  The laboratory focuses on delivering high quality analytical data within rapid time constraints for reasonable costs.

The laboratory maintains accreditation by The Virginia Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Program (VELAP).

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The Virginia Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Program (VELAP)

Commonwealth of Virginia

Division of Consolidated

Laboratory Services

The chemistry lab performs analysis of water,soil, bulk materials, and air.  Below is a summary table of routine analytical tests conducted by the laboratory.


EPA 8260Volatile Organic AnalysisWater/SoilGC/MS
EPA 8270Semivolatile OrganicsWater/SoilGC/MS
EPA 8015TPH-DRO (Diesel Range)Water/SoilGC/FID
EPA 8015TPH-GRO (Gasoline Range)Water/SoilGC/FID
EPA 8081PCBsWater/SoilGC/ECD
EPA 8082Chlorinated PesticidesWater/SoilGC/ECD
EPA 6010Heavy MetalsWater/SoilICP
EPA 200.7Lead & CopperDrinking WaterGFAA
EPA 524.2VOCsDrinking WaterGC/MS
ASTM-3687TVOCsAir (Charcoal Tube)GC/FID
EPA IP-1BTVOCsAir (Multi-bed Tenax Tube)GC/MS
NIOSHLeadPaint, Wipes & DustICP
ASTM (various)Soil Corrosion TestingpH, resistivity, redox, soluble saltsvarious