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In addition to its consulting practice, HPE offers microbiological and chemical analysis laboratory services.  These laboratories not only support our in-house projects, but assist independent professionals in their practice of environmental science and industrial hygiene.  At the root of HPE’s success is client satisfaction, which is attained by technical competence and earned by unparalleled leadership and hard work.

HPE was founded in 1991 by R. Hugh Granger, Ph.D. and Piotr Chmielinski, M.S., CIH to provide technical expertise in the increasingly diverse sciences needed to understand and control human exposure to environmental and industrial hazards.  Since its founding, HPE has grown in size and stature and is now widely recognized for its leadership in our area of practice.

To achieve the results our clients require, HPE has invested in its people and infrastructure.  In addition, we benefit from our close associations with clients and colleagues, learning from each other and incorporating this knowledge into every project and laboratory sample.  As we look toward the future, HPE will continue to integrate our applied research into our consulting and laboratory services, always preparing ourselves for the next challenge.

At HPE, we measure our success by client satisfaction earned from the combination of technical competence and the ability to perform.  Not only are we prepared to provide unparalleled leadership when it is required, but we remain ready to roll up our sleeves when there is work to do.

HP Environmental, Inc. (HPE) is a professional environmental consulting firm specializing in the comprehensive practices of industrial hygiene, environmental science, toxicology, site assessment and building science.  HPE is known for a seamless integration of science and engineering that produces a unique capability to manage risks associated with environmental and occupational hazards.  

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