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Operations & Maintenance Plans, Specifications & Bid Packages

Operation & Maintenance Plans

On occasion, asbestos or lead-based paint hazards require abatement.  Prior to abatement, these hazards may require management to achieve and document risk reduction. An operation & Maintenance (O&M) Plan is the typical conduit for achieving the necessary risk reduction. HP Environmental, Inc. is proficient in designing practical O&M plans having fully implemented hundreds of plans in use at apartment, schools, commercial and office buildings.

Specifications & Bid Packages

When removal of asbestos or lead-based paint becomes necessary, HP Environmental, Inc. is well qualified and experienced in the preparation of detailed project specifications and bid packages. Special conditions asbestos removal in occupied buildings or large project requirements are design challenges that benefit from the uniquely qualified and experienced staff. In addition, we are equipped to manage the entire bid process including review of bid submittals, contractor interviews, and contractor selection.

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