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Services conducted by HPE include:


Flood Response & Moisture Mapping

Preparation of Remediation Specifications & Clean-up Protocols

Monitoring of Remediation Projects

Preparation of O&M Plans to Prevent Fungal Colonization During Construction

Insurance Claims

Legionella evaluation of utility water, drinking water and other water sources

Fungi and bacteria isolation from air and surfaces

Source identification of microbial reservoirs

Identification of chronic water or flood damaged materials

Identification of problem fungi, bacteria and other microorganisms

Identification of mold by-products, allergens, toxins, parasites and viruses

Our investigators are recognized as experts in the fields of environmental microbiology and aerobiology and are well prepared to assess potential health effects and prepare specifications for recovery when problem conditions are identified.

HP Environmental, Inc. performs investigations to identify conditions related to biohazards and microbial contamination. These investigations are instrumental in assisting building owners and managers in resolving problem indoor environmental issues and for charting a course to recover from excessive water incursion. These investigations are also the core basis for resolving outbreaks of nosocomial infections in medical facilities. Supporting our investigators and our clients is an in-house environmental microbiology laboratory. This laboratory resource provides technical support as well as all sampling containers, media and devices necessary to perform any investigation. In addition, the laboratory is equipped with high quality equipment and microscope optics to optimize organism identification viewed using differential interference contrast (DIC) light, fluorescent, phase contrast or polarized light microscopy. Taken together, our capabilities and expertise is unsurpassed and results in thorough investigations with reliable and reproducible results, sound conclusions and rational recommendations.  

Environments that are believed to contain significant non-viable fungal organisms can be examined microscopically for the presence of fungal elements. This non-culture analysis may be beneficial for several reasons: it can provide the investigator with rapid turnaround of information; it is helpful in determining the quantitative significance of the organism that will later be definitively identified by culture techniques; and observations of certain fungal elements can indicate the need for special media, additional site testing, and/or esoteric laboratory analysis. In these ways, HPE strives to provide appropriate and technically advanced methodologies fulfilling the requirements of the IAQ investigator and researcher.

Moisture Investigations & Microbial Contamination Assessments

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HP Environmental, Inc. provides investigatory services related to the assessment and identification of conditions that can lead to microbial growth resulting from an unexpected water incursion and/or unfavorable building related condition.