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Natural Disaster & Bioterrorism Response

A crisis involving a chemical or biological hazard resulting in an unknown or unstable condition represents the greatest challenge to investigators. The key to successful crisis management is correct definition and prioritization of response objectives.  The ability to effectively perform under crisis conditions is a hallmark of HP Environmental, Inc. and a tribute to the diverse expertise and experience of its staff.  Since its inception, HP Environmental, Inc. has effectively managed health-related issues associated with countless crisis situations involving a varied degree of causes, for example, hurricanes, floods, building fires, explosions, chemical releases, and building evacuations. Under crisis conditions, there is no substitution for experience.  HP Environmental, Inc. provides unequaled leadership and experience with a track record of success that will minimize loss while maximizing confidence. Most importantly, HP Environmental, Inc. has the proven ability to communicate with all stakeholders and the public and to guide a crisis toward recovery.

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HP Environmental, Inc. prides itself in the ability to effectively perform under crisis conditions to develop practical and cost-effective solutions in response to issues involving a chemical or biological hazard.