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Disaster Response

Unforeseen building damage brings with it uncertainty and substantial financial and health risks. Crisis management has long been recognized as an area of expertise for HPE. While moving from a point of instability, developing strategy, projecting cost and defining schedules are the keys to successful recovery. There is no substitute for experience under crisis conditions and HP Environmental, Inc. provides unequaled leadership and a track record of success that will minimize loss while maximizing confidence.


When data are needed to understand a complex condition, resolve a dispute or determine simple presence or absence, our laboratories are prepared to respond immediately. Whether measuring worker exposure to lead, concentrations of lead in disposal wastes or asbestos content in air, surfaces or bulk materials, HP Environmental, Inc. uses a combination of in-house and pre-qualified out sourced laboratories to efficiently and economically fulfill each need. Prior to release, results are reviewed internally for accuracy and uncertainties resolved before they can affect project performance or success.

Our services include not only the more routine compliance issues, but a risk-based management approach that results in innovative solutions. Reaching beyond simple compliance criteria can prevent excessive and unnecessary costs while promoting a safe and healthful environment.

Our professional staff are licensed for conducting asbestos and lead investigations and for preparing abatement specifications as well as operations and maintenance (O&M) plans. Each investigation is directed by an industrial hygienist that is board certified by the American Board of Industrial Hygiene (ABIH).

Building Surveys

Accurate and thorough building surveys for sources of asbestos-containing materials and lead-based paint are the cornerstone of successful management of these materials. HPE has demonstrated its ability to perform building surveys that are recognized by regulatory agencies, building owners, contractors, and others as a reliable basis for a variety of uses, including:

Pre-purchase Due Diligence

Operation & Maintenance (O&M) Plans

Pre-demolition & demolition permitting

Pre-renovation & renovation permitting

Removal & Abatement Specifications & Bid Packages

Project Management & Monitoring Services

During abatement of asbestos or lead-based paint hazards, HP Environmental, Inc. provides skilled and professional project management insuring full and proper performance of project specifications and conformance with governing rules and regulations. HP Environmental, Inc. expertly interfaces with regulatory agencies and the abatement contractor to prevent potentially costly or problematic delays. Every detail of the abatement process, from review of contractor submittals and air monitoring to project clearance and re-occupancy, is managed by HP Environmental, Inc..

Regardless of the objectives, accurate building surveys are the single most important feature in successful management of asbestos and lead hazards. If hazard abatement is necessary, these reliable results translate into significant savings for building owners by producing accurate bids and seamless execution of work once an abatement project begins.

Asbestos & Lead Consulting Services

For information regarding our Consulting Services, contact

Brent Sharrer, MS, CIH

(703) 471-4200

HP Environmental, Inc. provides complete, comprehensive consulting and management services related to asbestos-containing building materials and lead-based paint.

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