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Why Test for Legionella pneumophila?

Three levels of turnaround time (TAT) are available.  Although handing times will vary depending on the test additional surcharges may apply for expedited services:



Routine          3-10 days         1 x routine price

Rush               2 days               2 x routine price

Emergency     1 day                3 x routine price

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Quality Assurance

HP Environmental, Inc. considers the accuracy, reliability and reproducibility of analysis results to be a fundamental responsibility of laboratory management and is paramount to our continued effort to produce a superior product for our client.  

Our commitment and dedication to quality is fully supported and communicated from management to the bench level to meet the objectives of the laboratory and to effectively serve client requirements.  In order to achieve this goal, the laboratory has developed and executed a robust quality assurance program to control the precision and accuracy of data generated and limit sources of bias.  

The objective of the quality assurance program is to produce reliable data of measurable quality that is defensible, representative of the sample and meets all required State, Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), National Institute of Occupational Health (NIOSH), American Industrial Hygiene Associate (AIHA), American Society of Testing and Materials (ASTM) and data user requirements.   Complete adherence to laboratory standard operating procedures (SOPs), execution of good laboratory practices (GLPs), internal audit reviews and participation in external performance testing programs ensure the laboratory produces data of known and documented quality using EPA, AIHA, ASTM and NIOSH protocols and client specific requirements is mandated by management.

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HP Environmental, Inc. offers a range of microbiological testing services.  Our services include the analysis of bacteria and fungi in air, water, wipe/swab, and bulk environmental samples.  The laboratory also specializes in the testing of Legionella bacteria using the "Gold Standard" Center for Disease Control (CDC) culture method protocol.  Suspected Legionella isolates are confirmed by slide agglutination and/or direct monclonal fluorescent-labeled antibody (DFA) staining.

The Microbiology Laboratory is a member of the CDC ELITE program and is a Sentinel Laboratory certified by the Commonwealth of Virginia, Department of Laboratory Services.  In addition, the laboratory is certified by the American Industrial Hygiene Association Laboratory Accrediation Program (AIHA-LAP, LLC) as an accredited Environmental Microbiology Laboratory  (ID# 100506) and is established by the Maryland Department of the Environment (Cerification # 319) and the Commonwealth of Virginia, Division of Consolidated Laboratory Services (ID# 00156) as a state Certified Drinking Water Laboratory. In addition, HPE has been granted interim approval (ELAP ID 12070) for Legionella culture analysis, effective March 27, 2017 for ISO method 11731 by the New York State, Department of Health (NYSDOH).  

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Test ProcedureMatrixMethodTAT
CDC ProtocolWaterCulture (CFU/mL)10 - 14 days
Direct Fluorescence Antibody (DFA)WaterDirect Microscopy (P/A)2 days
L. pnuemophila (ONLY)WaterLegiolert (MPN)7 days
New York State ProtocolWaterISO 11731 (CFU/mL)10 - 14 days
Test ProcedureMatrixMethodTAT
Acid Producing BacteriaWaterBART (HACH)10 days
Denitrifying BacteriaWaterBART (HACH)10 days
EnterococcusWaterDirect Substrate Technology (P/A)2 days
Environmental MycobacteriumWater, Wipe, Bulk, AirCulture2 - 6 weeks
Iron-Related BacteriaWaterBART (HACH)10 days
Nitrifying BacteriaWaterBART (HACH)10 days
Total Coliforms / E. coliWater, WipePotability (P/A)2 days
Total Coliforms / E. coliWaterPotability (MPN)2 days
Total Plate Count (TPC)Water, Wipe, Bulk, AirCulture (w/ or w/o IDs)3 - 5 days
TPC (Anaerobic)Water, Wipe, Bulk, AirCulture (w/o IDs)3 - 5 days
Pseudomonas aeruginosaWaterDirect Substrate Technology (P/A)2 days
Slime-Forming BacteriaWaterBART (HACH)10 days

Legionella Analyses

Bacterial Analyses

Fungal Analyses

Test ProcedureMatrixMethodTAT
Direct MicroscopyBulk, WipeTape-Lift3 - 5 days
Total Fungal Count (TFC)Water, Wipe, Bulk, AirCulture (w/ or w/o IDs)5 - 7 days
Total Thermophilic Fungal CountWater, Wipe, Bulk, AirCulture5 - 7 days
Total Thermophilic Actinomycete CountWater, Wipe, Bulk, AirCulture5 - 7 days
Total Spore CountAirDirect Microscopy3 - 5 days

Other Analyses

Test ProcedureMatrixMethodTAT
Blue-Green Algae ScreenWaterBART (HACH)10 days
Biolgical AssessmentWater, Wipe, Bulk, WipeCulture (Fungi & Bacteria)5 - 7 days
Fungal ProfileWater, Wipe, Bulk, AirCulture / Direct5 - 7 days

CDC   Sampling Procedure for Legionella Testing


Simplified testing for Legionella pneumophila: LegiolertTM

LegiolertTM is a simple and accurate culture test used to detect and quantify Legionella pneumophila, the primary cause of Legionnaires' disease, that provides a confirmed result in 7 days!

"NEW" product developed by IDEXX.

Legionella Culture

ISO Method 11731:2017(E)

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Department of General Services - Drinking Water Lab

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Laboratory Services

HPE Sample Collection Procedures for Legionella Testing